All room rental prices quoted include

  • 1200 / 1600¬†Watt Powered Mixing Desk
  • 2 Full Range Speakers
  • 3 Shure SM58 Mics per room
  • Tama Superstar Drum kit – Rock or Fusion all kitted with resonant dampers
  • Guitar Amps¬†(min 2 amps per room no extra charge)
  • Bass Amp
  • Hercules Guitar Wall Hangers
  • All valve amps available on request – see below Newsflash.

Reverberation Times:

Each rehearsal room has been acoustically designed and calculated to have a Reverberation Time of less than 0.8 Seconds @ 500 Hz in order to provide accurate acoustic rehearsal qualities. The acoustics in our rooms are second to none and we don’t just stick foam on the walls!


Every Rehearsal Studio at Dedsound, has now been fitted with an Individually Remote controlled, Hot and Cold Air Conditioning Unit, for maximum comfort during your Rehearsal Session. This can be used to maintain whatever temperature your musical juices work best at. “Guess this makes us the Coolest Rehearsal Studios in Dublin so”!!


Every rehearsal room is also fitted with a manually adjustable heating system.