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Dedsound Rehearsal Studio is Dublin’s finest band rehearsal room facility. Our Rehearsal Studios use ample sized rehearsal rooms, designed with Musician comfort in mind. We are passionate about Music, Musicians and our rehearsal rooms have been designed with this in mind. Our Stage Room uses the latest sound to light technology and every room is Air Conditioned. For “Latest Special Offers” at South Dublins Best Rehearsal Studios just click button below or Ph. 01 4242405 or Mobile 087 2609544
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Professional equipment for the serious Musician

A wide range of equipment is available to suit the discerning musician.
Marshall amps at dedsound rehearsal studioTama Drums at dedsound rehearsal studioVox amps at dedsound rehearsal studio
Fender equipment at dedsound rehearsal studioPeavey amps at dedsound rehearsal studioShure mics at dedsound rehearsal studio
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Air conditioning as standard in Rehearsal Rooms

Acoustically treated, ample sized band rehearsal rooms, fitted with their own air conditioning allow your band to rehearse in comfort. In times of Covid 19 Ventilation is going to be so important, Dedsound use Fully Airconditioned Rehearsal Rooms and we have always been proud of this.
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Covid19 – Coronavirus

It is now recommended that internal spaces should be as ventilated as possible. Dedsound Rehearsal Studios use Air Conditioning Units installed into each rehearsal room to provide a positive air pressure pushing out through exhaust vent fans in our rooms. Each rehearsal studio is well ventilated for your safety and comfort
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